Tips on purchasing original motorcycle parts

Tips on purchasing original motorcycle parts

Tips on purchasing original motorcycle parts

I love the thrill that comes with cruising down a winding road on a motorcycle. It’s a high feeling you don’t want to get off. Having your motorbike break down at such a time is so frustrating and heartbreaking. For those like me, who use motorcycles as our primary form of transport, then you will need prompt repair services. As a rider, I love doing my repairs as I will be sure the motorcycle parts I have used are genuine. Sadly, most merchants sell motorcycle parts expensively, and you sometimes wonder if you should rob a bank. Other times you have to wait for a long time before a spare part is shipped to you. Meaning you are immobile that period.

Over the years, I have learned that you don’t have to pay exorbitant prices for vendor inconveniences. I thought of sharing some tips to help you with your next motorcycle parts shopping.

Always look for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts

Never ride a motorcycle with worn-out parts as this may be cause for nasty road accidents. You need to continually check your bike as motorcycle parts wear out over time. Whenever I am getting motorcycle parts, I make sure to ask for original equipment manufacturer parts.  Yes, they are more expensive, but OEM parts are genuine, and they are an identical copy of the replaced bike part.

Carry out a thorough research

It’s always good to do your homework, and research is just that when shopping for motorcycle parts. I am grateful for the internet and the invention of smartphones. I often Google stores that provide the parts I require and go through the prices, note the differences, manufacturers, and the reviews. Afterward, I make a decision based on my research and budget.

Go for pattern parts if OEM is too expensive

I know the OEM parts sometimes cost you an arm and a leg hence the pattern parts. These are the motorcycle parts manufactured and designed by third-party companies. They might not be the original parts, but they are affordable and function as well as the worn-out part. The downside is that you can never guarantee the quality of these parts.

I hope you can now buy your motorcycle parts with confidence.

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