Nissan The Perfect Teen Car

Nissan The Perfect Teen Car

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Everyone looks forward to the day that they turn 16 and can finally enjoy the privilege of driving a car. But a car is a large machine that can be deadly if used incorrectly. So next comes the dreaded driving test.

After a few months of studying and reading a book it is finally time to take the test. Pass! How exciting, but now what are you going to drive? There are so many different options of vehicles on the market that it is hard to know what is the best option. So with the help of your mom and dad, check out these options for great Nissan specials for teenage drivers.


The Nissan Altima is a great option for a teen driver because it is inexpensive but also roomy. It is also front wheel drive so it can handle all different types of road types and conditions. The other great thing about the Altima is that it is quite roomy for a sedan.

┬áIt is a great car for taking three or four friends out to lunch or car pooling with a few friends on the way to school. We all know that teenage drivers are more prone to accidents. This is another great reason the Altima is perfect for teen drivers, it is tough. It isn’t going to be totaled because of one accident. Check out the Altima if you are looking for a vehicle for a teen driver.


When comparing the sentra to other similar cars, it is much smaller and has a smaller motor. It is less ‘spunky’ and honestly less appealing to look at. However, if you look at the price to purchase the Sentra, you will be quite happy.

Along with that, it is much cheaper to maintain and has a much safer speed in and outside of town. Another great feature in the Sentra is the additional technology. From the back up cameras to the navigation, you can be sure that your teen has every possibility of technological help to have while driving.


Have a teen that is in every single after school activity and needs large amounts of space in their car? But I still want a car that is highly safety rated and gets good mpg ratings. Then check out the Rogue.

The rogue is a healthy cross between a full fledge crossover and a smaller sedan. With the rogue, your teen will have plenty of space in the backseat for friends or projects but can also put the seats down and put large things like boxes. The Rogue has a mid size motor as well that will run for a long time and be very reliable. Along with that, this Nissan specials is cheaper to maintain than the classic SUV.


In the end, if you are looking for a vehicle for a teen to drive then consider a Nissan. Nissans tend to be cheaper than most other brands but still competitive when it comes to safety and technology ratings. So if you are looking for a small car that gets great mpg and is cheaper to maintain then consider the Sentra. If you are looking for a larger Nissan car but not quite a SUV then consider the Rogue.

And for a healthy mix of both then consider the Altima. Most Nissans also offer intelligent all wheel drives to make driving in harsh conditions easier. As well as offering great warranties for when the inevitable break down occurs. At least if you do break down, there great warranties will help you out financially.

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