Five Facts You Never Knew About RV Roof Repair

Five Facts You Never Knew About RV Roof Repair

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The RV does have so many important components to it but could you imagine having one with a leaky roof? There is no point to having an RV with a leaky ceiling so this is why it’s so important to have proper RV roof repair so this never happens to you. The best way to prevent this from happening to you is to do preventative RV roof repair so that it never gets that bad and you’re one step ahead.

Preventative Care

The most important step to doing the correct preventative care on your RV is to know what kind of roof that it actually has. The materials you will find the RV roof to be made of are rubber(most common), fiberglass and aluminum(least common).


The reason that rubber is the most common is that it’s the lightest material but there are 2 different common types of rubber that are used. Make sure that you know exactly which it is as they both have different preventative care.


This is the second most common type of material used for roofs on RVs. The reason for that being that it’s a little heavier than rubber but it requires less maintenance. This is the happy medium between the two other options and is becoming far more common nowadays.


This is the heaviest and least common material used for roofs on RVs. We have all seen the iconic Airstreams and aluminum is the most common used for them as it gives them that memorable look. This look does come at a cost as it’s much heavier and will hurt your gas mileage.

Cleaning your RV roof

The easiest thing that you can do to keep your RV roof in tip top shape is to very simply keep it clean! Depending on the type of RV you may have this could be easier said than done. Since you have invested so much of your hard earned money on your RV you need to invest some of your time in keeping the roof clean. If the roof is kept clean that roof will last for a much longer time giving you far less stress and gray hairs.

Maintenance for rubber roofs

Since rubber roofs are the most common and prone to having issues there are far more preventative steps you must take. One of the things that can be done is using a coating/sealant and there are tons of different options out there. Using the coating/sealant should be used once a year when needed. Since there are so many different options out there you need to do your due diligence to find out what products will work best on your RV’s roof.

Other Tips

The final preventative tip for use on an RV seems like the most obvious but is something you rarely see on a stored RV! The best way to keep that roof tip top shape is to protect it with a roof cover to keep the elements away from it if it’s stored outside. The number one thing you can do to stay away from needing rv roof repair is to keep it covered and will save you more money than it costs for the cover.

Final Thoughts

Another necessity for any rv is to have rv roof tape in it at all times. If for any reason a leak springs up during a trip out you can now quickly and effectively plug it. This gives you the ability to enjoy the rest of the trip and get home to do a full repair on it!

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