Best Car Rental Tips in Dubai Every Traveler Should Know

Best Car Rental Tips in Dubai Every Traveler Should Know

Does your next trip require wheels? When you travel, you can rent a car for yourself and it is the only viable way to move around in some parts of the globe. But a rental car can make your trip even more difficult— like looking for the best deal or finding the exact insurance options you need. Learn about our practical advice on saving money, knowing your contract and preventing issues with the renting of your vehicle.

Choosing the Best Car Rental in Dubai

Think carefully about what sort of car you are going to need. You may want a large sedan or SUV when traveling with children or with a lot of equipment. If you just want to save money on rent and gas, you are going to want to book the smallest model available. 

However, the only factor is not the size. Are you looking for something ecological? Several car rental agencies in Dubai are now offering hybrid cars. Be sure to book an automatically transmitted car. The agency that you are renting from provides accessories, such as ski racks, seating or GPS device, which you might need or want.

Pickup Time

Why not take a shuttle van instead of driving from the airport to a hotel? This can save you the cost of one day’s rent. This way you will be able to avoid large airport surcharges by picking it up nearby.

You will be possibly covered for collision damages, at least if you have personal auto insurance, or charge the rental a major credit card, so you should not be required to buy the car insurance for collision or loss damage waiver (CDW or LDW). If you are not sure then better ask your insurance broker, credit card issuer.

Before driving off from the rental agency, carefully inspect the car for any damages. Make sure that the lights and turn signal functions correctly and check the kilometer rating. Report any deficiencies at once.

Get acquainted with your rented car before you drive off. Make sure on which side is the gas tank, how to use the headlights, be sure that the windshield wipers and signals are working, memorize the color and the model so you will not lose it the first time you park it in a busy area. Check this Airport car rental in Dubai and get the best price for car rental Dubai Airport services.

Booking Your Best Car Rental in Dubai

You will find worldwide leading international car rental agencies. Yet local companies offer lower prices, based on where you are going, read reviews before booking and ensure that their businesses abide by majors ‘ expectations. 

Shop around indefinitely. Look out the major reservation engines and add-on platforms to have an idea on accessible prices, but also browse the websites of the car rental agencies- sometimes they provide unique discounts.

Before booking online, check the best car rental in Dubai agencies’ websites for a discount or promotional codes on the Web. Type the company name in the search field with “coupon code” and often discover exclusive discount codes that can save you 5 to 20 percent off anywhere from the cost of the rent.

Consider joining the loyalty program of your car rental  agency while booking. These vary according to the agency, although many of them are free to grant you certain privileges when you pick up your car. Record your information in advance and benefit from getting the car instead of standing in line and filling out paperwork. You could also be eligible for special discounts or free upgrades.

Understanding Your Rental

When you book online, please carefully read the terms and conditions before verifying your reservation. Please ask the agent for conditions if you are booking via the mobile. Make sure you understand the booking terms. Is there a no evidence penalty? How long is the car going to be held if you are trafficked to the collection station? Is there a charge and must their names be included in this agreement with additional drivers? Is your twenty-year-old car driving daughter old enough? (This is important for reasons of liability.)

Ask about drop-off fees for one-way rentals. They can be overpriced. 

Get a confirmation number. Be sure to give your flight number and scheduled time of arrival to the customer service representative for airport rental. Usually, this protects your booking if your flight is delayed.

Car rental’s real cost

Buyer caution: the price indicated may increase so high that you end up paying more than double what you anticipated, with local taxes, airport surcharges, driver’s fees, insurance, gas bills and drop-off charges. 

Therefore, the promoted price may only be valid in the off-season or in a car type which you find unacceptable.

Throughout recent years, the Best Car Rental in Dubai engines has become more open and gives you the full cost of the rent, including taxes and fees, early on in the booking process.

Just like the airlines, cheap car rental Dubai has adopted “yield management”. That means their computers can readjust the fees in line of with available cars. The rate will change when you reserve instantly.

Returning Your Car

Be careful of prepaid gas plans. Don’t forget to fill the tank you return the car so you only pay for the amount of gas you used. Avoid gas stations near the airport as the prices will be high in this area. Instead, browse and check where are the nearest convenient gas stations.

It might seem unreasonable: it might cost you money for an early return. Even worse, the rate could change, which makes you responsible. (You could end up paying a more expensive daily rate if you pay a weekly fee, but return the car after only six days.)

Naturally, returning the car late may also cost you, most car rental agencies give a grace period of 30 minutes before late-charging begins.

Be sure you do not forget any personal possessions in the car, cell phones, sunglasses and umbrellas are the most common missing items.

Make sure that the attendant check-in inspects the body of the car in your presence and that you agree to any damages. Carefully examine your rental agreement for all charges and make sure that the agent credits any deposit to your account.

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