6 Life and Money-Saving Tips For Car Crash in Dubai

Life is very unpredictable and anything can happen to you at any place or you may lead to some accident or so, one should be prepared for any accident and must know some life and many saving techniques of survival. Leave no hope for them to get stuck at any point or blame you for the accident or face any issue in an insurance claim. Have a look at the tips you may follow to e safe if you meet any accident. 

Be Alert for Casualty 

No one ever things to meet an accident when one is driving a car or traveling but you must stay alert of any accident as the traffic is very harsh these days and you have to make yourself safe, but still, any accident may occur. You must hold the emergency number and name in your car. Keep a first-aid tool kit and if you have engaged in an accident and now you want to sell your car, you must repair it properly before selling or you may not get a reasonable car. To keep your self ready for any accident, you must keep the necessary documents in the car like the registration and insurance card. 

Seek Medical Attention 

If you have met an accident on the road and you have still in your senses, you must check if you are injured, also check the other people in your car are safe or have they got any injuries. If so, call the helpline for medical attention. If you are critically hurt, make sure you don’t move from your place and don’t attempt to help others. Try to take your car off the road if possible so the people crossing by may not get affected by the accident. 

Document the Accident 

You must keep all the information of the scene created by this accident. Take photos of the accident and the car from every angle. Briefly note the accident. Take the number, name and insurance information of the car driver involved in the accident other than you. Also, get a copy of the police report and also ask the name of the police officer covering the report. It is also hard to remember all this at the time you have met an accident you must take notes and keep them in your car or the mobile phone. Don’t try to sell any car which is accidental and not properly reported.  

Call the Police 

It is very important to request the police at the accident place so that they can cover the overall even happened bu the excellent. It is definitely an intelligent decision. Also, it is essential that the collision may be reported at the police station within 24 hours. This police report will be very helpful for your insurance claim, so don’t forget to ask for a copy of this police report. After getting your car repair by an insurance claim, you may sell any car Dubai at a good price.

Don’t Acknowledge Iniquity

If you are or not guilty of the accident, don’t accept it and also, don’t share your personal details and the license information with the involved party. Have a look if anyone is injured or not from the party in front of you. But be sure that you are not going to admit the guilt and don’t have a conversation with them. Also, don’t share the home address and number other than the police itself. 

Get In Touch With Your Insurance Company 

When you meet an accident, it is important to call your insurance company for the proper reporting. You should take the photos of the vehicle and note properly all the scenario that happened in the accident. It is not necessary to submit the claim. If you think that the damage is small. There is no need to call the insurance company and if the damage is bigger than to compensate for the losses you must call the insurance company and don’t sell any car in Dubai before the proper remake of the vehicle. 


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